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The growth was rapid. As Nunes - the name by which the founder is best known - already had extensive experience in the field acquired in another company in the area, his knowledge and expertise soon won many important customers.

Today, AGP has its own headquarters in a renowned neighborhood in the city of Ponta Grossa, and the number of states and countries in which it does business is quite vast. As well as the love and zeal for the customers he won ...

We started in 1999.
Since then, it has been a lot of work.

All we want is the protection and security of the interests of all companies that are aware of the importance of industrial and intellectual property for the future of their business, both nationally and internationally.

The Reason We Exist


Through personalized service, fully satisfy the business community, with seriousness and commitment.


Acting in the area of industrial and intellectual property in an agile and efficient manner, nationally and internationally, through partnerships with industrial property offices in several countries.


AGP is based on the principles of respect, trust, professionalism and quality in the provision of services.