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You either register or someone else registers for you.

Why trademark?

Because having only the company’s registration with the commercial board or notary does not guarantee the right to use a trademark. For this, it must be registered with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property.

Who can register a trademark?

Anyone who exercises lawful and effective activity may apply for trademark registration.

How do I register my trademark?

We do it for you. Click here , fill in your details quickly and we will contact you. That simple.


What can I register as a trademark?

Any distinctive sign that is visually perceptible (identifiable), coated with differentiation not to be confused with other companies’ products and services.


What can I not register as a trademark?

Among the items included by law, we quote some:

  • Coat of arms, arms, official national and international public emblems;
  • Isolated letters;
  • Signs contrary to morals and good customs, which violate the honor of people, conscience, creeds and others;
  • Imitation of a differentiating element of title of establishment or company name, liable to cause confusion;
  • Well-known pseudonym or nickname;
  • Reproduction of someone else’s trademark;
  • And others.


What do I get by registering my trademark?

The guarantee of ownership and exclusive use throughout the national territory for 10 years, and still keep the brand in use and without changes, extending it every 10 years.

Can I lose the right to my trademark?

The only chances that you will lose the right over your brand is if you do something like:

  • Extinction due to lack of extension;
  • Request for waiver of the holder;
  • Expiry (lack of use);
  • Absence of a proxy in a country other than the country of origin.


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