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What is patentable?

The invention that meets the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application.

As a utility model, the object of practical use, or part of it, capable of industrial application that presents a new form or disposition involving an inventive act, resulting in functional improvement in its use or manufacturing.

Patent types or modalities

Due to the differences between the inventions, they can be classified in the following natures or modalities:

PI (Invention Privilege) < span class = “s2”> – inventive step + novelty;

MU (Utility Model) – functional improvement; < / p>

CI (Certificate of Addition of Invention) – improvement or development introduced in the object of a previously deposited PI;

DI (Industrial Design Register) – ornamental plastic shape of an object or the ornamental set that can be applied to a product, resulting in a new and original look in its external configuration.

What is not patentable?

Discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods;

Purely abstract design, schemes, plans, principles or commercial, accounting, financial, educational, advertising, drawing and inspection methods; </ p >

Literary, architectural, artistic and scientific works or any aesthetic creation;

Computer programs themselves;

Presentation of information;

Game rules;

Therapeutic or diagnostic techniques and methods for application to the human or animal body.

Note: Some of these quotes may be protected by copyright in other bodies.

Patent and Registration Duration

PI – 20 years from the filing date;

MU – 15 years from the deposit date;

CI – Corresponds to the validity period of the PI, which originated it;

DI – 10 years, which may be extended for 3 periods of 5 years, totaling 25 years.